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Auto Insurance

Even with advanced auto technology, car accidents are still a common occurrence. John Elko Insurance understands how much of an investment your automobile is and how much you enjoy driving it.  

Distracted driving, driver error, fatigue, and speeding are just a few causes of auto accidents, and are all factors to take into account when it comes to selecting your auto protection. We also consider factors that can lower the price of your insurance policy, such as having a new vehicle and good driving behavior. After we've helped build a personalized plan for you and your automobile, we'll be sure to keep in touch with you to see if there are any changes in your life or driving habits that might require a change to your insurance policy.

Not satisfied with your current auto insurance protection? Thinking about getting a new car and curious about how much you'll likely have to pay for insurance? No matter your circumstances, we're always available to talk to you about your options.


Boat Insurance

Have you recently purchased a new boat? Congratulations! You should purchase boat insurance immediately and we can assist you in finding the coverage that you need. Whether you have purchased a powerboat, fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft such as a Jet Ski or Wave Runner, we have the experience to help you to choose the boat coverage that you need to protect your new investment.

Business Insurance

As a business owner you may have concerns about the safety and stability of your company, employees and customers. If your risk potential is keeping you up at night, turn to the experienced Agents at John Elko Insurance Agency. We have a wealth of information for you to manage the risks associated with worker and customer safety, fire or equipment failure, and professional, product, or general liability. Putting our advice into practice can reduce your chances of needing to call upon your policy for assistance. If you do need to rely on Mike Elko Insurance Agency for coverage, you can rest assured that we have the best team in the business to handle your claim. With us, you have an insurer that cares about your company's protection. Not only do we act as a resource for risk management strategies, but we are also there to help you to recover should an issue arise. To learn more about safety and loss prevention, just contact our office. We are here to help. 

Condo/Renter's Insurance

What is Renter's Insurance and why do you need it? If you live in a rental property, you need to protect yourself, and your belongings. Some landlords may even require that you have a certain amount of renters insurance coverage as part of your lease agreement. In most cases, your landlord's insurance policy won't help if your belongings are stolen or damaged. This is why you need renter's insurance. How much coverage do you need? Call us today so that we can customize an insurance plan for you. ​

Homeowners Insurance 

Homeowners Insurance is a crucial part of owning and protecting your home. That's why the John Elko Agency has worked so diligently to understand the insurance priorities of over 15,000 homeowners and their residential properties. In fact, the exact location of your home may mean your home's risk profile is slightly different from that of your Allegheny County neighbors' right down the street. No matter the specifics, we have the right coverage for your home, and our agents can help further personalize your homeowner's policy.

Beyond the location, the property itself often has very different kinds of assets that can be protected through home insurance coverage. The structure and dwelling coverage are the backbone of most policies, but John Elko offers plenty of additional coverage options for your specific needs.  


Life Insurance

Bringing home a new baby, like many of life’s happy events, also brings on new responsibilities. New obligations can be more easily shouldered if you take steps now to plan ahead. In order to provide long-term financial security for your family, you need a local life insurance agent who can help you understand the types of life insurance that best suit your family’s needs.

The agents at  the John Elko Insurance Agency will help you safeguard your family’s future by helping you select the right life insurance. We will explain term versus permanent insurance and answer all your questions. We are here to help you assess your needs and will explain the difference between whole life insurance and universal life insurance.

Our agency will help you determine the appropriate level of coverage for you and your family. There are several considerations when deciding the amount of coverage you need. Besides funeral and burial costs, you should consider current debts such as your mortgage, car loans and credit card debt. 

You may also want to include child care and long-term educational expenses when figuring coverage amount. Whether your family has one or two sources of income, you should think about covering lost income for a specified number of years. We will also help you determine the number of years for which you need coverage. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Motorcycle Insurance

Before you hit that open road, contact us for Motorcycle Insurance coverage. You don't want to take any chances with you or your passangers, you want only the best motorcycle insurance to stay protected on the road. Motorcycle insurance with us can cover collision damage costs, medical bills, natural disaster damages, theft and much more. Contact us to learn more about your motorcycle coverage options.

RV Insurance

What does RV Insurance cover? That depends on the policy that you select. Coverage policies include liability, comprehensive, collision, and more. We can provide a large array of RV insurance coverage options for motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers so that we can provide the coverage that your customer's needs.  Basic RV insurance coverage: Body injury liability, Property damage liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist and medical payments.​


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